Annual General Meeting 2020 and First Meeting/Training 2020

Posted on February 24, 2020

Date:   11 January 2020

Time:  2.00 – 5.00 p.m.

Venue:   Stadium

Attendance: 24/26  

Attended by:   Teacher Oon Siew See


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1) Our Teacher Advisor, Teacher Oon Siew See welcomed all the members who were present.

2) Our Teacher Advisor, Teacher Oon Siew See reminded :

a) All trainings /meetings will be held on Saturday, 2.00 to 5.00p.m. in the Stadium.

b) No extra fee will be collected after the Registration Fee of RM1 was paid upon registration.

3) Our Teacher Advisor, Teacher Oon Siew See also presented :

a) The Committee Members for year 2019 :

Position Name of Member Class
1. President Michelle Chan Yun Mei S4H
2. Vice President Jerralyn Ng Hui Qi K3H
3. Secretary Lim Ching Suen K3B
4. Assistant Secretary Tan Syn Yee K3A
5. Treasurer Choo Chloe K2B
6. Green Project Chief Celine H’ng Yee En K2G

b) The Committee Members were briefed and also were told to read up their scope of duties from the blog. 

c) President Michelle Chan Yun Mei, Secretary Lim Ching Suen, Assistant Secretary Tan Syn Yee and Treasurer Choo Chloe were reminded to attend Co-Curriculum Management Camp 2020 to be held next week.

4) Teacher Oon Siew See briefed :

a) Place and time of our weekly meeting/training

b) Teacher Advisors

c) Attire for every meeting/training as well as during school and external competitions

d) Regulations and Rules of our club

e) Duties and Responsibilities of Committees and Ordinary Members

f) Activities planned for the whole year of 2020

g) Compulsory Attendance for all members

h) Only RM1 Registration Fee

i) Basketball games will only be permitted with supervision of our Coach and or a Teacher Advisor

5) The members were then being told to refer to either the blog or the noticeboard on

a) Rules and Regulations

b) Teacher Advisors

c) Activities planned

d) Attire and Jersey

6) The members were also being reminded of compulsory attendance. Any absenteeism must be supported by MC (Medical Certificate) or Parent’s Letter to be given to Teacher Oon Siew See on the following Monday.

7) To show our appreciation of our Coach Mr. Go’s deeds, sacrifice and hard work, a box of mandarin oranges was gifted by our Chairman Michelle Chan Yun Mei and Secretary Lim Ching Suen on behalf of Basketball Club, witnessed by Teacher Advisor Oon Siew See.

C) Training

1) Our Coach, Mr. Go trained all members and at the same time, improve the techniques/skills which were irrelevant when playing basketball.

2) Mr. Go trained all members especially the Form One members individually as his objective was to choose MSSPP U17 players. 

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